Mindful March Event Launch 2020

Mindful March LE Invitation

Come and join us for the Launch of Mindful March! Mindful March is a month-long celebration through out the City of Maribrynong and surrounding suburbs, of all the different ways we can experience what is to be mindful.

Join our Facebook event for updates. 

Schedule for the Day: 

2PM- 4PM- Mindful creations, craft and other activities. 

2:15PM- Welcome to Country and Opening Remarks

2:30PM- Family Yoga with Lisa from Bindu Creative Dance and Yoga

3:00PM- Mindful Story Time with Cathy from Mindful Storytelling

3:15PM- Music and Make Believe with Razz Mussen 

3:45PM- Family Meditation 

Facilitators :

Cathy Koman, Lisa Sommerland. Razz Mussen


Follow this link to Join our email list

and receive the Mindful March Calendar of Events TODAY! You will also get just before March…

The Mindful March 2020 Little Book of Mindful Moments’

There are many ways to experience the present moment fully…Thank you for your interest in Mindful March!

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