Mindful March in the Classroom

Online Program for Teachers and Students

Make 2020 Your Best Teaching Year Yet.

Would you like to create a calm, kind and connected classroom, where you and your students are happy focused and productive?

We know that supporting the social and emotional development of your students is very important. However the reality is the curriculum has never been more crowded.

What if we could show you how to slot in activities that will support your students to be focused, calm, and in control of their feelings and emotions? Would you be up for that?

Simple tools that will take no more than 5 minutes a day to practice.

Join us for Mindful March and receive the ‘Mindful March 2020 Classroom Companion’ eBook, just in time for March. Make your classroom more mindful, calm and focused in 2020!

Follow this link to Gain Access Now.

Here is the thing. We need all stake holders on board to ensure the activities introduced to the students are going to have a lasting impact. That mean we need to Teachers, students and families.

Families are invited to join in. They will be following the same program but the activities will be slightly modified for home practice.

Click on this the link to join the Mindful March family and community program.

Once you begin the program you will be sent a link to invite your students families to join in.

There is so much more on offer during Mindful March. Follow the links below to find our more:

Melbourne Western Suburbs

Community Classes, Workshops and Talks

Mindful March for Family and Children

Supporting Women

Mindful March for Workplace, Business and Corporate Settings


Sign up for our Free eBook ‘The Mindful March 2020 Little Book of Mindful Moments’

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